Create Display Configurations

This section will provide step-by-step instructions for creating Display Configurations. Display Configurations allow an Administrator to configure List View and Related List for displaying and validating phone numbers.

Be Sure you have completed the Installation And Setup guide before continuing.

NOTE: this solution utilizes Lighting Components, which requires a My Domain to be setup and deployed in your Salesforce instance. To learn more about My Domain, refer to the Salesforce help documentation


Set API Key

An API Key is required in order for Salesforce to access APIs published by To configure the API key:

  1. Click the app launcher icon
  2. Select the Tigerface Systems application
    NOTE: the first time this application is displayed you may experience a delay (10 –20 second) in the user interface rendering. This is due to Lightning Component caching by the Lightning Platform.
  1. Click the Set API Key button
  2. Enter the Authorization Token value received from NOTE: an account with is required
  1. Click Save

Create a Display Configuration

A Display Configuration is used to select the API, the phone numbers to validate, the validation fields that will be displayed, and if the configuration is for a Related List or a List View.

  1. Click the app launcher icon
  2. Select the Tigerface Systems application.
  3. Click New
  4. Enter a value in the Configuration Name text box
  5. Select Page Type: Related List or List View
  6. Select Account, Contact, or Lead from the Configuration Object picklist
  7. Select the Fields to Validate then click Next
  1. Select the API Product from the picklist.
    NOTE: you must have access to the API from your account
  2. Use the arrow buttons to configure the Select Fields To Display then click Next
  1. If this is a List View configuration, you can add a filter. Click Add Filter, then select Field, Operator, and Value, then click Done. Repeat to add additional filters

Note: filters are not supported for Releated List Display Configurations

  1. Click Save
  2. Repeat steps 3-11 to create additional Display Configurations

Configure Support for Additional Standard or Custom Objects

The Phone Validation product provides support for Account, Contact, and Lead objects by default. To validate phone numbers on other Standard Objects or on Custom Objects:

  1. Go to Object Manager in setup
  2. Scroll down and click the Phone Validation object
  3. Click on Fields and Relationships
  4. Click New, select Lookup Relationship, then click Next
  5. In the Related To drop down, select the Standard or Custom Object
  6. Enter Field, Field Name, and Description values
  7. Leave the Required field unchecked.
    NOTE: if Required is checked, then application errors will occur
  8. Click Next, click Next, click Save

After the above steps are completed, a Display Configuration can be created for that object. Repeat the above steps for additional Standard or Custom Objects as needed.

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